We are pleased to announce that Armen Gasparyan, a writer, director, screenwriter and producer, as well as a philanthropist, donates all the proceeds from the sale of his five books to the «Shake» Charitable Foundation.

«Alexandropol Trilogy/» is a series of books in the genre of prose, consisting of three separate books, united by a common idea - a literary reconstruction based on real stories and true facts of the destroyed city, which became a metaphor for the collapse of the Soviet Union. (30.000 AMD)

1. The first part of the «Alexandropol Trilogy» - "The Funeral of My Little Star" - was awarded the Grand Prix - the highest award in the "Prose" nomination of the International Slavic Literary Forum "Golden Knight" (Russia, 2018).

2. "Phone of Babo". How precious is always a touch on someone's life. Especially on the life of a whole family, a big family, with its little secrets and big revelations, with funny and sad situations, with deafening losses and daily imperceptible feats. With real people: in a British-cut suit and a simple nightgown, in sorrow and joy, in life and death...

3. "The Mirror of the City Projectionist" - the final part of the "Alexandropol Trilogy". An open door to an amazing city: old facades packed with modern windows, unsettled dust of collapsed houses and a mirage of non-existent walls, held together with a solution of old films, real memories and documentaries.

4. "Monastery Cross" - the generic name of a large family. The story of what it was like to carry this cross through the Soviet reality. About how he clung to the scenery of the era, interfered with walking, bulged out to the sides and attracted attention. But it was not abandoned, except that it was hidden in the end - as a keepsake. (10.000 AMD)

5. The story “The Last Autumn of Koenigsberg” is part of a large, still painful theme of the Great Patriotic War, moreover, from that side of it, which was hacked for a long time and deliberately, like a disheveled, uneven edge of a canvas: events are built around the relationship of winners and vanquished ... take place immediately after war on former German land bombed by the British troops and captured by the Soviets. (10.000 AMD)

You can order books on our website in the section “Donate Now!” or contacting Norayr Hovhannisyan - the impresario of A. Gasparyan (tel. +374 94567587).

When placing an order, please specify:

- amount

- book title and the quantity

- contact details (full name, e-mail, phone)

- delivery address (delivery in Yerevan is free of charge, to other cities for an additional fee).

The collected funds will be used to organize a summer camp for Armenian children suffering from diabetes.

We thank each of you for your support and help, because each donation is of great value and significance for a child with diabetes!